What is love?

Keeping your body healthy!

If you are aware of it or not, millions of bacteria that live around us and deep within the human body. There are bacteria which help the body and there are some that it’s better to have a small quantity so as not to cause the vertebra. Maintaining the balance of friendly bacteria levels high and low harmful bacteria is a difficult operation, especially when it comes to Western life style which will mostly processed food and one that is not helpful to maintaining adequate vitamins and fiber that help the entire body to work effectively.

Maintain the balance

The imbalance of bacteria in the body can weaken the immune system of a person who is not maintaining a proper diet, and from there the road to the sandy different is very short when the digestive system does not function optimally, arise various allergies not yet exist, a fungal infection of repeated and infections various body. In women it is a fungal infection of Candida type found in the penis and effective treatment for prevention of such situations may be using Bio Female and others like it for maintaining a high level of probiotic bacteria which can help you cure hemorrhoids.

Probiotics for Women

Anatomy of the female body is different and naturally there is a need to adjust nutritional supplements that will help maintain the health of the female organs and prevention of infection and fungal conditions in these areas.

One way to help maintain a healthy female sexual organs and disease-free is by taking supplements that contain probiotics Lactobacillus acidophilus like, who actually found naturally in the female reproductive and maintains its normal operations. Science mimics the way nature produces this healthy environment by Bio Female supplement taken the form of a capsule and contains all the female body needs bacteria to stay healthy.


Each lasting relationship suddenly comes understanding and awareness that the partner is not a paragon and masterpiece, as we imagined. On the other hand reveals a similar discovery partner in relation to his partner. This is no small drawbacks, but significant features that affect significantly over the course of a relationship and quality. For example: a tendency to rage in light of the small irritations, jealousy and lack of trust, lack of confidence, credibility issues, separation and the like. Although it is clear to all of us that no one is perfect and without flaws, discover that Ben / our spouse is such a practice may affect their daily lives seep into them and hurt them badly. (Sometimes already in the initial stage of courtship and relationship to identify differences and gaps between spouses who appear to be minor, insignificant and value and later they would create a rift).

There is a stage in the development of children as they discover that their parents are not perfect, but people on the advantages and disadvantages. This may result in visible child a sense of isolation and insecurity in certain. We can see these double choices “fix” the experience of the imperfect parent, these are not election ads we choose a partner who can heal “damage our childhood.” The hope is that the partner will fill the voids left by our parents psychological (or any other major addresses), do idealization of the partner. When discovering that the chosen partner is not perfect, just as a parent is not perfect? This recognition that could cause breakage. Large fracture. The feeling that may accompany it for judgment and our selection is not good enough, there is another chance to correct. The promise and illusion shattered both starts up doubts about the future of the relationship. This crisis may cause deterioration of relations, moving away and sometimes goodbye.

There is no doubt that all relationships can and should be preserved. There are cases where it is clear that the pair do not match each other. But in most relationships can prevent the deterioration of the relationship and permitting movement. This requires a fundamental insight, that there is no perfect people and no perfect relationship systems and on the other hand it does not mean that getting perfect island means giving.

Basic conditions of a successful relationship is the desire of both partners to work double on vulnerabilities that affect the connection, there are those of acceptance and some of them can not be eradicated but for the sake of change and refine connection. (Something to think about: disadvantages hardest we complete them, mostly related to our own shortcomings).

There are people who cross outmost to another. Once the spouse was “perfect”, “soul mate”, “ideal”. With the recognition that the spouse has disadvantages, it becomes completely corrupt and unworthy. There are other complementary with the fact that people also have human failings and conducted with the knowledge of this. Obviously they have every person and every relationship there are complexities, sensitivities, and various difficulties in this area are having a relationship.

The expectation that the partner will receive us as we are, with all our advantages and shortcomings, provides security in connection deepens it. In order not to experience disappointment and frustration, it is important that expectations be realistic. Spouse is not always show us the paragon and admired and evaluation. Into reality personality comes diversity, personal complexities and disillusionment ideal and acceptance of others as it lovingly. This process is not linear, there are bumps along the way have to go through in order to arrive safely completion.

Some tend to think that accepting the faults she agreed to live a life of compromise, defeatism and fear. Compromise is not an agreement mediocrity, but a realistic interpersonal relationships and happy couples better. Furthermore, it is unrealistic that everything will be perfect from the outset and did not involve respectively and compromise. Thinking of black and white makes every fatal accident as a guide and does not allow the existence of a good marriage.

A mature relationship, successful, loving, requires compromises that usually there is also complex. The expectation that everything will be perfect, happy and fun is unrealistic and leads to failure of the marital relationship. Mature relationship constant investment necessary for growth and commitment double and personally.